Unless you are an escort enthusiast and well versed in the language of the business, navigating the seemingly endless escort options can be a daunting task. At Hustling.net we take our clients seriously and strive to provide that absolute best possible experience and desired outcome of your escort search. With the myriad of options available and seemingly endless websites advertising everything under this desert sun, finding exactly what you’re looking for can be frustrating.

Las Vegas Adult Classifieds by Hustling.netThe main thing novices need to understand is the difference between independent escorts and agency escorts. More on that later in the article. At the end of the day, all the providers listed are escorts and are versed in the business of pleasing their clients. However there are differences in quality, price, and the business structure that escorts in Las Vegas operate in. Before we dig in and identify the main differences and certainly before you start your escort search, there are certain metrics you should have in mind. Clients should first have a good idea of what they desire in a Las Vegas provider. To get started, here are a few things you should consider.

Its important for clients to remember that they are in the drivers seat, you are paying for a service, so as with any service clients are entitled to certain expectations. Its a good idea to have in mind what kind of physical attributes and what kind of body type you are looking for. Personality preferences are another factor to consider, you will want to identify as best as you can, an escort that you will get along with on a personal level. Satisfaction with the appearance of your escort in concert with an escort’s personality that you can vibe with will certainly enhance the overall experience. It is also important that clients identify an escort that is compatible with their schedule. You might find the perfect Vegas provider, but if she’s booked for the next week and a half, the deal is not going to work out. And finally, taking inventory of your personal expectations for the date will also help you determine what escort to contact and book a date with.

Once you have sorted out what kind of attributes you are seeking in a Las Vegas escort it is important to consider the variety of options clients have when it come to the experience itself. For clients that do not mind some travel time there are legal brothels about an hour from the strip. Bunnies of Las VegasNevada brothels provide a unique experience for clients and feature some positives and negatives. The brothels close to Las Vegas are one hundred percent legal and by law practice safe sex. The brothels are regulated by the state and are structured to prevent the spread of STD’s. For clients who like to physically see a line up of women in person, brothels are perfect. Most have a bar area where clients can chat with and get to warm up to the available prostitutes. ” Brothels are very hands on and you know what your getting into before the magic happens” said one brothel operator in Pahrump Nevada. Of course brothels have there draw backs as well. First clients are looking at a two hour round trip from the Sin City strip. Once your there get ready for some sticker shock. Because Nevada brothels are the only totally legal sex available in the United States, their prices are not cheap. It is also worth noting that the line ups at the brothel are limited, they usually have about 10 to 20 girls working at anyone time, but that’s it. If you can’t find exactly what your looking for you’re stuck with what they have “on the menu”.

For clients who would prefer to stay put and have an escort show up at their residents or hotel room, again there are options. Any Vegas escort worth her salt will be more than willing to meet a client at a place of his choosing. At this stage in the game the decision revolves around whether you decide on an independent escort or an agency escort.

If you decide to go with an independent escort in Las Vegas, again you will first want to start with some preliminary research. It is a good idea to identify a girl that you feel is professional, sexy, trustworthy, and experienced. This means you will want to spend some time browsing the classified section on Hustling.net, read some reviews, and maybe check out a few ratings boards. Once you have arrived at a few top candidates for your date, make sure to do your due diligence to make sure you are positive you are getting what you want. Independent escorts are generally a lower cost option and there are some great escorts that choose to work as independents because of the freedom it provides them. One drawback of independent escorts working in Vegas is the fact that there is always an element of risk. Because these escorts are not tied into an agency, they are not usually licensed. Since there is no business ensuring things are above board, its important to make sure that the escort is of age and not involved in any form of human trafficking. Hustling.net does its absolute best to insure these sorts of escorts are not able to post ads, but its important everyone do their part and stay diligent.

For clients who decide to go with an agency escort in Vegas, some of the risk is automatically eliminated. Bunnies of Las Vegas is one reputable escort agency based in Sin City. When you deal with an escort agency like Bunnies of Las Vegas, clients can rest assured much of the guess work has already been done for you. The agencies are licensed businesses and have strict hiring standards. Although agency girls so charge a little more, as always you get what you pay for, and for some clients the peace of mind is well worth the extra money.

From everyone at Hustling.net – happy escorting !

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