Of course we had to attend the AVN Conference in Las Vegas!  Being in the adult internet marketing world, we just wanted to attend for fun, it was my first time going.  I wanted to see what all the hype was about, and it gave me a reason to ware my big fur coat lol!  To top it all off, I found this Elmer Fudd style fur hat.  Then to top it all off, some 8bit glasses! My business partner went in a simple Brisk shirt, and a captains hat we got from our PlayBoat promotions.  Ever since I have followed the AVN, its always been known for having fun, the girls and guys all tend to make a day out of it.  However what I didn’t expect, was the vast amounts of overweight nerdy porn fans, sure you would think maybe one or two.  But no, I would say a large number of guests seemed to fit this description.
Upon arriving we met some nice ladies at the bar, they to where going to Adult Video News conference.  Check out my outfit, in hindsight it might have been to much lol! You only live once, so I guess whatever I did have fun.

Upon walking in, you are met with rows and rows of booths, with sexy porn stars who are signing photos and taking pictures for tips.  This is almost like any other trade show, but with sexy girls who encourage the grabbing of their asses and titties.  Along the wall is a massive bar, with almost every inch taken up.  Full of over priced drinks of course 🙂

Then we proceeded to walk to the other room across the hall.  Upon arriving we passed a huge line of live streaming web cam girls.  Some where 9’s and 10’s, however I must admit others where not my style, to put it nicely.  Once we entered the second room, it was full of toys, and cutting edge Virtual Reality (VR) porn examples.  Along with life size sex dolls and so much more.  The video below shows a guy trying out an actual VR porn game of some sort, I had to take a video of how it worked.

After watching this guy for about 2 minutes, I had to walk away! Lol, it started to feel weird.  The life size dolls where very interesting and the owner had a lot of useful information about the product, re-seller programs.  We even talked with a few promoter girls passing out free samples, then it was onto the bar again!  Sex DollsOf course I had to snap a few photos of my friend reviewing the products!  Check out the photos, of a sea captain inspecting the sex toys.  I’ll end up taking a few more later on, just wait to see those below.


Upon arriving at the bar, I just had to get a photo of one of the webcam girls.  I kinda just walked up and asked to take a photo, then jumped in it real quick.  Not sure if that was what was agreed on or not, but it seemed to work.  I even saw her screen, where the live cam broadcast was airing.  It seemed busy, but the webcam girls and their company MyFreeCams (MFC) where not interested at all in a affiliate program.  The sad thing is, we really wanted to talk with someone about that service.  I have worked with a few companies before, such as Jasmine.  I just hoped to find a better deal, or more customize-able deal if possible.

Avn Cam Girl

As we left the bar for the 2nd time, we noticed a 3rd room.  We where shocked as we thought we already walked past everything once.  But excited to see what this new room had in store for us.  Upon walking in, it became clear.  This was the bondage room, for things that might not be accepted by everyone.  They had made a whole room for this, girls in full leather body suits and whips.  Even some guy, charging tips for providing whippings to the public.  dildos

I watched a few drunk buddies pay for their friends to take a turn.  Then in the very back where some more sex toys, here is the captain reviewing some of those modern and larger than normal dildos.  Some looked out of this world, almost like octopus tentacles, and other that could stick on the wall.


All in all we had a great time attending the 2017 AVN’s in Las Vegas, Nevada!  Me and my captain buddy will be checking it out again.  I have to admit, I will be better prepared next time.  I honestly had no idea what to expect, but still made the most of it.  I’ll leave you with this last photo, until next time.  Take care!

booty at avn


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