I have just released version 2.0 of Hustling.net!  This includes a bit more improvements to the design and user menus, along with some back-end website improvements.  Also added a new category for Outcall Massages, due to the popular demand I have seen on other similar websites.  I hope if anyone has any suggestions or questions, they simply leave a comment or send an email to info@hustling.net.  My main focus is to make the website experience as best as possible, for both advertisers and viewers.

Hustling.netI recently adjusted the website footer, and sidebar.  In hopes to share more useful information with visitors, and help advertisers gain more views.  The user avatar image cropping issue still remains, it’s a very hard little bug to narrow down for myself.  However, I plan to turn over that task to my team at Brisk Advertising INC.

I made these improvements to help the ranking and user experience, before the organic ranking takes full effect.  I will be taking off for just over a week, to visit family and friends during the holidays.  Planning to be back January 2nd 2017, then it’s full speed ahead until I get this dang website on page 1 for all 4 markets!

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