If you own a website containing adult content, you are probably already aware of the problems associated with adult backlink services refusing to do business with you.  It’s hard to run a successful adult internet marketing campaign, as I explain in this article I wrote for SearchEngineOptimization.vegas

The specialists at Brisk Advertising and myself are familiar with this problem and understand your need to rank in the search engines for adult related topics. That is why we have accepted the challenge and built our own network of adult content websites to fill the void and help you create relevant adult backlinks that produce results.

Backlinks from Adult websites

A backlink, or inbound link, is a link placed on a website that directs users to your site. The algorithms used to rank websites by the most popular search engines, including Google, Yahoo, MSN and Bing, consider the number of inbound links directed to your site when ranking your site’s authority. Backlinks have recently become more important to search engine optimization and many experts in the field now consider them major components of any effective SEO strategy.  We also run websites for Escort agency seo services, and even rank well for local “Las Vegas strip clubs“.  Along with many more like a Sybian rental site, and a Las Vegas girls to the room website.  This network of high ranking adult websites, can help almost any nightlife or adult website.  The great thing is, our high quality adult backlinks are already proven.

adult website ranking

Just understand while the number of backlinks is important, it is even more important that the backlinks come from high quality websites with well-written and relevant content. Adult backlinks originating from what the search engines consider as low quality sites can have a negative effect on your own website’s page ranking. Backlinks coming from a site with a high Google PageRank have more merit with the search engines and make your site more relevant, which will push your site up in the list of search results.

It is important that your adult backlinks come from sites with related and high quality content. The search engines rank a backlink from a site with relevant content higher than an inbound link from a site that contains content about an unrelated subject. For example, if your site contains content directed at individuals interested in private strippers and escort services, an inbound link from a cooking website or a directory for summer camps will have no relevance and reflect poorly on your search engine ranking. A backlink from a site dedicated to independent escorts or Outcall erotic massage will factor much higher into the search engine’s algorithm and have a positive effect on your page ranking. At the same time, search engines analyze the content of the site linking to yours when determining the quality of the inbound adult link.

The major search engines are aware of the many ways individuals manipulate websites to receive higher rankings. Manipulating backlinks is much more difficult which is why search engine algorithms put such a premium on quality inbound links.

There is no doubt that quality inbound links will improve your site’s chance of being indexed by the major search engines. The more quality inbound links a site has, the more authority it will have with the search engines. At the same time, inbound links drive more quality traffic to your site.

Google has identified a number of link schemes that website owners should avoid if they want to improve their page ranking. There was a time when linking to article directory sites generated quality inbound links but times have changed thanks to low quality content and the use of distribution and spinning software. Google has also de-indexed many low quality bookmarking and directory websites, dropping the value of links from those sites.

Many website owners end up hurting their efforts by utilizing ineffective link building strategies and working with companies with poor SEO skills. You can trust the experts at Brisk Advertising and myself to provide you with high quality adult backlinks to relevant websites with high quality content. We comply with all local and federal laws, which is why we thoroughly review every case before applying our service.

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