As the title states, you do literally nothing extra. Now I know some of you have heard about the little flat screen tv’s playing ads, that Uber or Lyft drivers can carry around for extra cash. However, this requires you to keep the screen charged, while the volume sometimes is required to be on instead of the radio. Bla Bla blah… Come on now, the idea is not to force clients to suffer through advertisements!

Instead, we have gotten information about a local Las Vegas entertainment company seeking Uber and Lyft drivers. Asking the drivers to only refer their services, if passengers request suggestions from the drivers. They provide you with your very own business cards, and/or flyers to help convert more conversions. Now here is how it works, for every referral you will receive a $100 to $200 kick back, and sometimes even more!

Make extra money

It’s simple, the entertainment company knows in this great neon city of sin. That almost half of the visitors are here for their types of services, and they are banking on the hopes that they ask the drivers for suggestions. It’s a very common way to pass the time, and find out useful information from a local. Plus if you really want to ramp up your conversions, and you’re already planning to put up some promotional material. They can even provide you with a display flyer, and even more free cards whenever you ask.

I Brandon Yates, know of a few drivers who are also my personal friends. They are already signed up and doing this, and I know for a fact they are making over $500 extra every month! I have no exact idea of the totals, nor should I discuss their personal finances. But I can ballpark it for you, and say not every week is a perfect week. But on a month to month view, they are pulling in at least that much extra every month. I have heard of one referral, that produced a $800 kickback alone.

Just call (702) 825-5411 to get more information or get signed up right away to get started today!

Adult entertainer cards and flyers

  • This is not a get rich quick scheme, and not every call is successful.  Think of it however, as a way to make extra money off connecting a buyer with a seller.  There is no requirement to leave cards or flyers out, you can always keep those hidden until asked.
Las Vegas Uber Driver

Aarush Tajallie

I’ll make this short and sweet.I leave the flyer on my dash, it makes me an extra $200 almost every week.Sometimes passangers ask, sometimes they don’t.I really, honest to god… Do nothing.

Lyft Driver

Kyle Nearing

I have been driving with Lyft for 3 months now.I have heard of things like this before, but always blew them off.Thinking yea right, or why bother dealing with more crap?.. But then Brandon signed me up, I picked up the cards and carried about my day.Leaving the cards in my glove box, as I didn’t want kids to accidently find them.But then just a few days later, some guys asked me about getting girls to their room.I pulled out the cards, handed them some and they proceeded on their way.The very next day, my phone rang, it was a girl at the office.Letting me know I had $200 cash waiting at the office, I was so excited!I needed the extra money for Christmas, and since that story I have made many more deals.

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